Recycled Bricks - Paving Quality

It’s common for our brick yard to have 85,000 in stock of recycled paving quality bricks at anytime. We keep this amount of used bricks on hand as to keep up with demand. The end result when these recycled bricks are laid as pavers is an overall rustic feel. These recycled bricks are normally used in driveways, garden edging, and walkways. They are the most popular bricks among landscapers wanting the grey and brown brick colouring, to help blend into the surrounding greenery and achieve an overall natural look.


Antique & Historic Bricks

Antique Vintage Historic Bricks

Bricks dating from all the way back to Australia’s earliest colonial settlers up until today. Great for matching existing brick work when renovating or extending current structures. We can match specific bricks chromatically, dimensionally and chronologically.
Feel free to send us some images or even a sample brick and we will endeavour to find identical counterparts for your project. 

Used Bricks - Feature Walls

Used Bricks look great in feature walls. Whether you apply a racked joint with an off white mortar or acid wash the bricks, there are lots of different looks you can achieve. they can range in colours from greys and browns to recycled rusty reds just to name a few. These bricks add a timely feel and character to any feature wall. Fast becoming a statement in the hospitality industry with cafes and restaurants purchasing these bricks by the thousands to create a rustic atmosphere and comfortable overall dining experience.



Sandstone Yellowblock

Forming the bedrock for most of the Sydney region, Hawkesbury Sandstone or 'Yellowblock' was the building material of choice for the majority of city's earliest structures. Although no longer mined, this durable sedimentary rock is as versatile as it is decorative. Great for feature walls, lining and decorating and can be precisely carved with intricate detail. 

Second Hand Bricks - Soho Grade

These second hand commons are also known as a dry pressed brick, and are for clients looking for something unique. We have supplied these second hand bricks to customers inspired by New York loft-style apartments, and images they have seen in magazines. They have also been laid in internal dwellings as pavers for that “wow factor”. Used Bricks Sydney have large amounts of these recycled bricks in stock, as they are fast becoming our best seller and are named Soho Grade for the apparent reason.


Assorted Blocks

Every kind of brick block in the world

Thanks in part to the very nature of rescuing bricks from demolition, we regularly have all kinds of oddities on site from cobblestone to firebricks and flooring specialties to veneers, we have seen it all. Due to the associated supply and demand of recycled bricks, we may not always be able to meet your exact requirements on the spot but we will gladly contact you as soon stock becomes available.