She's a brick house

Second Hand Bricks Sydney

It's pretty easy for some businesses to display the products they sell, clothing outlets have mannequins, takeaway restaurants have bain-maries and newsagents have shelves. So how does one sell bricks, well; it's not really that hard, as we have the best second hand bricks in Sydney - but hey, that shouldnt mean that we can't still have a little bit of fun. 

Second Hand Bricks Australia

And thus what is probably the worlds smallest display home was born. With a floor plan designed to nestle comfortable upon a standard sized pallet (a little under 1.5 square meters) this dazzling display of assorted bricks spans a multitude of composites, finishes and textures. Although the mortar used in it's construction is that of a modern cement base rather than period correct lime mortar, the overall finish presented perfectly joins the mismatched bricks from all over Sydney into a completely unified structure. 

Original Recycled Bricks

Also worthy of pointing out is the awesome rustic corrugated roof (which we also sell, details at and neat little stove pipe. We have started constructing a couple of other cubic structures for use in future displays, maybe we will start to stakc them up in a fashion not dissimilar to Minecraft, who knows?