The Recycling Process

So, just how do bricks become recycled, well they have to be used for one structure, then they need to be dismantled.
- it's not exactly a science but it is definitely an art. 


Step One

Obviously, something made of bricks needs to be demolished or as we like to think of it 'deconstructed' 
Depending on the skill of the machinery operator up to 95% of the bricks can be salvaged from the average Australian home. seem to be pretty proficient, check them out here.


Step Two

The assorted bricks and blocks fresh from a demolition site come in various shapes, sizes, colours and textures AND a couple of them have not survived the process - so now it's sorting time!

Brick cleaning tools

Step Three

Time to get cleaning, some harder cement mortars simply cannot be removed without damaging the brick, fortunately though, the best bricks always date back to a time when soft lime mortar was the glue of choice when constructing buildings. Whilst large, noisey and expensive automated brick cleaning robotic assembly lines do exist, the technology has not been perfected and therefor we opt for the good ol'fashioned method of working by hand. It may seem like quite a challenge but a skilled mason can get through approximately 2000 bricks per day.